How can Naturopathy help me?

Modern naturopathy stems from our traditional, natural, holistic medicine. Rooted in deep, ancient knowledge and thousands of years of human experience, it provides a vast storehouse of knowledge, tools and techniques that can enable you to:

Regain and stay in balance.

Optimize and maintain health.

Manage stress much more effectively by increasing stress resilience and immune function.

Heal or manage a wide variety of psychosomatic and physical issues such as for instance, pain, sleeping disorders, gastrointestinal issues, allergies etc. safely and effectively.

Why do I work with TEN (Traditional European Naturopathy) & Ayurveda?

After I became a coach in 2003, and I gained some experience working with clients, I soon realized that many of my clients had deep blockages, fears, physical imbalances, issues, or patterns of behaviour over which they had little control and, which stopped them from making the positive changes that could really transform their lives.  Furthermore, it became clear to me that these issues were multidimensional and stemmed from many levels including the physical body, the mind, the energetic dimensions, and the soul.

Moreover, I became increasingly aware that the standard approaches which are generally used, very often do not resolve the root causes of these issues because they do not work holistically. Either they tend to focus on the cognitive level or alternatively the physical level, but they are for the most part not system-based, multilevel approaches which can really heal the root causes of complex disorders and issues because such “dis-eases” are always multidimensional in nature.

Feeling increasingly frustrated, I decided to embark on my own “LifeQuest” to acquire the tools and techniques which would enable me to really help people to become their best selves and to live their best lives. This quest led me on a learning journey to acquire the best and most effective knowledge, tools, and techniques that I could find.  After becoming an Ayur-Yoga Yoga therapist, learning with Shamans in Mexico, and becoming a Board-Certified Hypnotherapist, I decided to study TEN Naturopathy and Ayurveda for the following reasons:

  • Both TEN and Ayurveda are holistic, medicinal systems which do not only focus on the physical level, but also specifically address the mental, the energetic and the spiritual level, and which heal imbalances by working with and not against each person’s body, mind, and spirit.
  • Both systems are “constitutional” healing systems. This means that they embrace and specifically address each patient’s unique physical, mental, and spiritual individuality.
  • TEN and Ayurveda complement each other, and this combined knowledge enables me to gain critical insights about my clients’ issues in a truly holistic way, as well as to find optimal combinations of techniques and therapies to help them to achieve their goals, effectively and long-term.

Dr. Lille Springall

Work & Organizational Psychologist,
Certified Naturopath (TEN – Traditional European Naturopathy),
Certified Coach, Ayurvedic Practitioner,
OMNI Certified Hypnotherapist,
Ayuryoga Yogatherapist.

How do I work with Naturopathy?

I use naturopathy not “just” to heal or to manage physical and chronic illnesses and imbalances, but also to:

  • Gain deeper insights about my clients’ issues.
  • Integrate, and align the body with the mind and the soul in my work.
  • Remove blockages which reside not only mentally or subconsciously, but which are also manifested at a physical level, such as for instance, pain, sleeplessness, fatigue, recurring patterns of illness, allergies etc.

What is Naturopathy?

Naturopathy is the natural, holistic medicine that humankind has used very successfully for thousands of years to heal body, mind, and soul, to maintain balance and to stay healthy. Well before modern medicine appeared, ancient natural medicine enabled humankind to survive and to thrive. To this day, it often heals or successfully manages diseases and conditions which standard modern medicine, despite all of its amazing tools and techniques, fails to cure.

Naturopathy strives to heal and to address imbalances by working with the forces of nature and by harnessing the healing powers of the body, as well as by creating alignment between mind, body, and soul.

What is Ayurveda?

Ayurveda, the Science of Life, is the oldest living system of medicine in the world, provides an incredibly rich, vast, and completely congruent, truly holistic system replete with applicable theory, practical, natural, and holistic methods to help us to restore balance, to heal and to stay healthy.

My knowledge of Ayurveda helps me to identify mental, spiritual, and physical imbalances in my clients, to connect seemingly unconnected issues together, as well as to provide truly holistic and spiritual treatments to my clients.

Do you have questions about TEN or Ayurveda, or would you like to schedule a complimentary information session or a first appointment? Please contact me at any time.

What is Traditional European Naturopathy (TEN)?

TEN is a vast and comprehensive system of natural medicine comprising a deep and comprehensive systemic theory, diagnostic, therapeutic knowledge, and numerous physical therapies including for instance: iris diagnosis, phytotherapy, Spagyrik, auriculotherapy, Schüssler Salts, numerous forms of massage, foot reflexology, detoxification therapies (e.g., for instance cupping, Baunscheidtieren, Rödern and Cantharis plaster) etc.

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